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Building natively sustainable offers

Implement natively sustainable new offers conciliating economic and environmental performance, to assist third-parties in the reduction of their emissions


In many industries, Scope 3 emissions – those produced during the use of the products, for instance – are considerably more important than emissions generated during the manufacturing phase. The efforts made to reduce emissions on Scope 1 & 2 (« internal ») may therefore seem futile on the scale of the product’s life.

However, there are many ways for companies to address their Scope 3 emissions while generating value.
“As-a-service » business models, first popularized in the software industry, are now being extended to the sale of products, enabling the generation of recurring revenues while aligning the interests of both the producer and the customer in the preservation of quality over time. This results in the extension of the lifespan of goods and the reduction of their early or abusive replacement (programmed or perceived obsolescence), which is beneficial for the environment.
Similarly, circular economy offerings – upstream or downstream of the value chain – allow products to be valued beyond their first lives, while offering the possibility of generating a value-creating service.

The opportunities are numerous, as are the questions that arise to define a value-generating action plan for the company. eleven, with its experience acquired with leading players in the circular economy and new business models, assists business leaders in identifying these opportunities lying in their environment, products or services, in analyzing the value chain of their industry, in benchmarking existing solutions in or outside their ecosystem, in defining concrete strategies and in implementing ambitious action plans, at the project level.

Business cases

Optimization of automotive lubricant delivery | Eleven

Optimization of automotive lubricant delivery

Development of a connected service providing visibility on customers' automotive lubricant consumption and optimizing deliveries

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Electric car in the city

Definition of an Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) deployment strategy

Strategic ideation and writing of an action plan around the opportunities linked to the development of electric cars and charging stations for a major parking…

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Defining a new service offer to monitor the energy efficiency of buildings | Eleven

Defining a new service offer to monitor the energy efficiency of buildings

Opportunity assessment and definition of a strategy for the launch of a new service offering to monitor and optimize the energy consumption of tertiary buildings

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Reducing the carbon footprint of vehicle fleets | Eleven

Reducing the carbon footprint of vehicle fleets

Development of a new connected service to limit the carbon emissions of vehicle fleets for a world leader in energy

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Identification of investment segments and targets in the circular industry for an investment fund | Eleven

Identification of investment segments and targets in the circular industry for an investment fund

eleven brought its expertise in CSR-related business issues to assist an investment fund in the analysis of key segments of the circular industry as well…

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pile of old broken mobile phones with pink background

Growth strategy in the circular economy

Construction of the mid-term strategy of a leader in the purchase and resale of refurbished terminals, and the associated financial trajectory

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